All items mentioned in this site and available for sale is devoid of any kind of precious stones or metals. We sell only imitations of the original and not the original one. Any mention of any precious stones or metals should be deemed to be an imitation of the same.

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Jewelry that can be worn day and night to create a spectacular dia-mond look.

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Featured Products

Lead and Nickel Free

We’re proud to offer jewelry that is safe to wear.Very few people are really aware about such jewellery and know the implication of nickel-free, lead-free & cadmium-free jewellery.

Non-Precious Jewelry

Our products are made from metallic alloys with gold, silver or platinum coating but the contents of the precious metals is less than 2% of the net weight of the product. That is you get the feel of luxury without having to pay for it.

Colonial Jewelry

Our products are handcrafted in India using the best craftsmen and craftsmanship available from the colonial era to give you a pure colonial feel.

" Best a woman can have"
Lizzie Pope

" The best fashion that money can buy"
Madge Holmes

" I always dreamt of having this kind of fashion"
lita Holloway

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